Fellowships for Education Graduates

Available Fellowships by Granting Agency

Annenberg Teaching Fellowship

Funds a field-based graduate program at the University of Washington that integrates academic and clinical instruction. Candidates will earn a Masters in Teaching plus a certificate for middle and high school teaching in math or science. Fellows will have access to 3 years of systematic mentoring and coaching after they begin teaching in local high-needs, low-income school.


Knowles Foundation

Candidates must have either a bachelor’s or advanced degree in science, engineering, or mathematics and should be committed to teaching high school science and/or mathematics in U.S. schools. The fellowship supports them professionally and financially for up to 5 years through a teacher preparation program to eligibility for tenure. During the initial year, fellows typically participate in a recognized teacher credentialing program.

Applications become available on August 1, with multiple deadlines (August, September, October, December, January)


Madison Fellowships

Awards are given to graduating seniors (Junior Fellowship) and current classroom teachers (Senior Fellowship) to complete a master’s degree (MA, MAT, or MEd) with an emphasis on American history, government, political science, or other concentration that will enable them to teach American history, government, or social studies at the secondary level. 

Students/teachers of color who meet the above requirements are eligible for the Frederick Douglass-James Madison Fellowship. Students/teachers who meet the above requirements and have served in the US military are eligible for the Admiral Paul A. Yost, Jr.-James Madison Fellowship. 


Noyce Teaching Scholars

Fellowship for graduate students in the secondary teacher preparation program at the University of Washington. In addition to the financial award, candidates receive mentoring after graduation. They must agree to teach math and/or science in local high schools for two years following completion of the program.